Discovery 101

Learn the basics of customer, market, and client discovery.

-Cohort-based & self-guided options
-Learn detailed tactics and strategies
-Lifetime access to training

Reaching out and speaking with people is a dynamic way to learn about business! And it can be fun.

In this course, we give you the communication mindset to schedule, conduct, follow up on, and have interesting conversations.

Helping you design ways to automate your discovery process becomes part of operations and leads to effective revenue generation in the future.

Collaborative Discovery

Dynamic understanding of the market potential.

-Rapidly identify opportunity
-Speak with stakeholders
-Quantify a market opportunity

Market discovery is a collaborative effort.

We work with you to establish a dynamic understanding of the market potential for your technology or capabilities.

Rapidly identify opportunities, speak with stakeholders, and quantify a market opportunity.

Guaranteed calls and results.

Growth Collaboration

Ongoing business development collaboration.

-Partnership to pursue opportunity
-Business development for revenue
-Qualified reach-out & introductions

Growth collaboration and revenue generation in an ongoing business development capacity.

Partnership to pursue market opportunities.

Business development effort designed to increase revenue through targeted reach-out and landing deals.

Retainer and incentive-based compensation.